Origami Notepaper Set : Bella – Lollipop Studio



A fun set of 12 mixed sheets of notepaper with envelopes, write your note then fold into a Bella!

We remember at school we would send friends secret notes and then origami-fold them into hearts… which, if you drew on eyes and lips could also look like cute characters! So we created these new notelets to send secret messages to very special people! Designed to be written on the reverse, then folded and popped into the envelope provided. A beautiful gift set, fun to use and a special surprise to receive…

12 flat sheets, printed onto 100% recycled paper with 100% recycled envelopes

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Lollipop Studio is the London based brand behind an award winning collection of home and stationery products, set up in 2007 by designer Rachel Le Mesurier. Lollipop combine organization, playfulness and style in products like their brightly animated origami notelets and best-selling line-up of planners. A beautiful collection of bone china mugs adorned with gold zodiac constellations, interactive origami napkin and hand-finished tableware make up the homeware range. Central design themes include the passing and recording of time, calendars, stars, constellations and nature. Influenced by Rachel‰Ûªs background in packaging design, Lollipop products nudge you to open, fold, look, arrange, use, treasure and smile.

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