Budgie T-Shirt – MERRIMAKING



Merrimaking Budgie T-Shirt.

‰- Soft pink T-Shirt

‰- 6-layer, hand-placed, flocked design

‰- Hand sewn purple pocket

‰- 100% ringspun cotton

‰- Casual fit

‰- No specific gender

‰- Available in size S / M/ L. Size guide below.

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About the seller

A wardrobe of playful ideas, founded as a means to fund fun. At uni we made and wore Animal Hoods for parties, and to unite friends at festivals. Unknowingly we were fore-fronting what was to become a hugely distinctive fashion trend ‰- the Animal Hood. Now, 8 years on, Merrimaking is focussed around playful, colourful clothing and accessories. Mostly designed whilst day dreaming!

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