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Long print scarf, Cote d’Azure Samoa, in a cashmere/modal mix

Light as gossamer, warm as toast ‰ÛÒ our richly coloured new long winter scarf.

This generous new cashmere-modal mix scarf will keep you beautifully cosy, is endlessly versatile in its styling, and folds to almost nothing when not being worn.

190cm x 70cm, flat-hemmed on the long sides, hand-fringed at the ends.

Made in England

Dry clean

Delivery free in UK and Ireland

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Sarah Campbell has spent a lifetime loving and creating pattern. Whether for paper, cloth, ceramic, the home or apparel ‰ÛÒ Sarah is constantly developing design, pattern and colour. She also runs short courses, gives talks, and writes and illustrates an entertaining blog. Verve, love of pattern and colour, and inventive freshness are the hallmarks of all Sarah Campbell‰Ûªs work. Whatever the project she uniquely combines her expertise and experience with originality and joy, both serious and playful; her starting point remains the painted mark.

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