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A large rainbow 2018 wall planner, available in A1 or A2, which includes days of the week, key dates, bank holidays, high lighted weekends and space at the bottom for important notes.

This planner is a great way to stay organised throughout the year, whether you use it for the family, at work, or even to track personal endevours like wedding planning or a Near Year exersize regime, it makes it easy to see everything at a glance.

Available in A1(59.4 x 84.1cms) or A2 (42 x 59.4cms) and arrives in a tube.

It is light weight and easily attached with just blue tac.

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Fran Chalet is an illustartor & designer/maker who lives in York, works from home, loves a pattern on any surface (especially in the lining of things), designed the rainbow wall planner to get some much needed organisation into her life, that would also be nice to look at for the entire year AND is eternally grateful to her kids, family & friends for being the best sources of inspiration!

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