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Match fresh herbs and spices to food ingredients.

A great little tool to have in any kitchen, this handy herb wheel helps you pair herbs and spices to foods. Just turn the dial to the vegetable you are cooking with and it will tell you what herbs and spice go well with it!

Reversible pairing wheel – pair herbs on one side and spices on the reverse.

Vegan friendly

1x Herb + Spice pairing wheel

15.5 cm | Made in England

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LAHLA studio is a collection of info-graphics and homewares designed by Lahla Smart. Everything she designs has a focus on food, whether it‰’s growing it, serving it up beautifully for friends for just taking delight in it ‰- and how great it tastes! From stationery to kitchenware, each product will inspire you to cook creatively and help you eat well. Her range includes tea towels, page markers, posters and ceramics all made in the UK.

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