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Live life and wander! Let these three beautiful copper foil prints inspire you to explore the world. Made using a hot foil press, these A4 prints feature hand drawn illustrations inspired by scenes from nature, framed inside a Native American symbol: a teepee, an arrowhead, and a mountain range. The copper foil has been heat set into a 300gsm quality card stock, providing a warm toned reflective image that will catch the light beautifully on your wall or anyone else’s!

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Hashtag House is the brain child of designer/maker Laura Hudson. Inspired by natural materials and a desire to push the boundaries of traditional print making, Laura combines printing with laser cutting to create a unique, artisan range of homewares, prints and gifts. From conception to completion each product is designed and made in Laura’s little studio in Yorkshire with attention to detail at the forefront of every stage of making.

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