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Virtual Origami Lampshade Workshop – Origami Est

Join Est for one for her hugely popular & award winning origami workshops from the comfort of your own home! Est has been running workshops in London & across the UK for the past 7 years. She is an experienced origami artist and used to teach small people for a living, so is the PERFECT tutor. This course gives you the opportunity to create your own utterly stunning origami lampshade. This fabulous open shaped intricately folded lampshade works perfectly in most rooms in the house. It's most suited to us as a pendant. The finished lampshade is approximately 55 x 55 x 40 cm.

Artemis Lion Ancient Coin Necklace – Taken Twice

The ancient coin pendant on this handmade chain, features the pressed relief from an original silver Hemidracham ancient Greek coin minted in 400 BC. The ancient coin was hand pressed into wax to create a relief.. This piece is named after Artemis the Greek Goddess of Animals and depicts the Lion which represented strength and courage in ancient Greece and still does today! The Chain is handmade - each link is hand-forged and unique so no two are the same and is closed with a sturdy toggle fastening designed as a feature to be worn at the front of the chain alongside the Lion Coin.